We specialize in tire acquisitions

from abroad to Latin America

Forte Universal is committed to the quality and correct transit of large volume cargo that your company needs.

Make your purchase planning and operation easier with Forte Universal

We bring the best quality tires to Mexico and Latin America from a wide range of factories through out the world.

International trade

With more than 1,700 distributing points allover Mexico and Latin America.

National and international credits

We know the tire business perfectly, therefore, at Forte Universal we give you the possibility to open national and international credit lines.

Advanced logistics

We work with technology that makes efficient logistics. Each shipment is bound by each country's legality and regulation .

We have alliances with the best tire brands

We are recognized by our business partners and suppliers because we are the best option in tire distribution.

Territory assignment

We distribute the right product to the right wholesaler. We align your product to the right territories. And all according to the segments and uses of each brand.

Insured shipments to Mexico and LATAM

Avoid losses. In addition to the tire factory's guarantee, Forte Universal all shipments are ensured by us.

Guaranteed boarding in all the trajectory of your shipment

Thanks to the geopolitical and legislative knowledge that we have acquired throughout our years in business, each container is guarded the right way and it is 100% secure.


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We arrive wherever you need us to

We are involved in every detail that is needed to carry out the transfer of tires from anywhere in the world to Mexico and Latin America:

Are you a manufacturer and you want to import to our region?

Learn about our import and export process to all international markets. Forte Universal has the right strategy to achieve successful shipments and transfers.

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